Custom Beaded T Shirts - Design Your Own 3D Beaded Rhinestone Tees

   Ready to Wear Gallery

Check out our hot designer embellished tees. Enjoy couture styles decorated with beautiful beads, appliqués, transfers and cool images to create a unique style suited for your personality all without having to pay high couture prices.

Created using our innovative iDesign software process, these shirts cannot be found anywhere else in the world….guaranteed. We’re extremely proud of the way this neat technique creates a dazzling shirt that’s hip, funky, and right in fashion.

Keep checking us out, as we will be updating our collection regularly with hot new styles.

   T-shirts and Accessories

The best clothing comes from top quality material. For your decorating pleasure, we've selected the finest tees and accessories that will combine quality, fit, comfort, and style. These tees are an excellent match for the embellishments that you can use to accent your shirt and make a fresh, new design.

   Garments for Manufacturers

If you are a garment manufacture we can help you embellish your fabric using our revolutionary beading technique. Select a garment pattern, create a design using our online iDesign tool, and then submit your work for a price quote.

Do It Yourself Iron-on Bead Applique
Custom beaded t shirts and fashion garments from Custom T Couture use only beads made from high quality acrylic, available in 38 types (and counting), and about 16 colors, and 3 sizes of each. Our beads are inexpensive, but of the highest quality and light, so they don’t weigh down your garment. We continually update our selections to offer you the most personalized beaded Tee shirts possible. We utilize a unique adhesion process that eliminates traditional hand threading, beading, tedious work.

So when you create your own tee shirts, there is no need to send your garment overseas for beading. This way we ship your custom beaded shirt sooner, usually in a few days. Our unique high quality beading process has been applied with great success on millions of high-end custom beaded garments and evening dresses, swim wear, home furnishings and crafts that we produced in the last few years.